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You can score from the dots and energizers but also from bonus items that are most of the time fruits and appears near the center of the maze twice per level. On every 10000 points you get an extra life, so try to eat those items. You can score on: - Dot: 10 points.

Initially, Pac-Man’s enemies were referred to as "monsters" on the arcade cabinet, but soon became colloquially known as "ghosts." The ghosts are bound by the maze in the same way as Pac-Man, but generally move and turn corners slightly slower than the player, and they slow down significantly while passing through the tunnels on the sides of the maze. (Pac-Man can pass through these tunnels unhindered.) The red ghost speeds up after a certain number of dots are eaten (this occurs earlier in higher levels). The accelerated Blinky is unofficially called "Cruise Elroy", though opinions differ on the origins of this term.

The Pakman range of Parcel Delivery Boxes has been designed to suit both traditional and contemporary architectural aesthetics.

Deep below the ocean's surface lies an infinite bounty of treasure, danger and adventure. Are you a fast enough typer to explore it all in Keyman ?

Pacman is one of the most popular and old game, This game is very addictive and fun to play. Here you can choose from various Pacman and play, All you have to do is avoid being eaten by ghosts and try to score as much as possible to make a highscore. Use the arrow keys to move pacman and eat fruits and other dots. There are various powers available which helps you reach as far as possible. Play with blinky, plinky, inky and clyde and have a good time making a new high score online.

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Various - PAK MANVarious - PAK MANVarious - PAK MANVarious - PAK MAN