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“Will you sincerely promise in the presence of God and these witnesses that you will take this Bible as the Word of God, believe and practice its teachings rightly divided, the New Testament as your rule of faith, practice, government, and discipline, and agree to...

For use in his arcade game Donkey Kong , he created a character named Jumpman, who previously went under other names, such as Mr. Video, and originally, Ossan (the Japanese term for middle-aged man). [2] This character was given red overalls and a blue shirt in order to make the arms more visible as well as a cap and moustache, as hair and a mouth were impossible to animate on the arcade system. [3] It is said that during the development for Donkey Kong Jr. , the Jumpman character was renamed to Mario when an employee at Nintendo of America's office pointed out the similar physical appearances between Jumpman and Nintendo's Italian landlord, Mario Segale. [4] [5] [6] [7] This is later confirmed by Shigeru Miyamoto during a promotional video for Super Mario Maker , which celebrates Mario's 30th anniversary. [8] While initially designed as a carpenter, after an employee noted that he looked more like a plumber, his occupation was changed and Mario Bros. soon followed [9] .

Royal Sapien - Be With YouRoyal Sapien - Be With YouRoyal Sapien - Be With YouRoyal Sapien - Be With You